hello hi goodbye bye
good bad sorry
eat ate drink drank drunk water
sun moon mooncake cake
mother father
mom mommy dad daddy
grandfather and grandmother
grandpa and grandma
son daughter grandson granddaughter

run running ran
running water
running nose
jump shake nod head clap wave hand
foot feet ear stamp eye nose mouth book
touch sunflower flower small little big
come go up down left right wrong front behind
gold silver

happy unhappy sad boss box brain zoo birth birthday
place birthplace mark birthmark fire fireplace
man men fireman firemen woman women boy girl

color colour black white blue red green pink
yellow purple brown gray skyblue

animal rabbit dog fish monkey donkey bear
panda fox cat pig horse cow snake tiger lion
chicken duck pigeon crab goose wolf bee elephant
camel dragon ant ape bird sheep butter fly butterfly
frog shark mouse mice giraffe zebra seal sea turkey hen
lamb spider spider-man bat Batman octopus whale
tortoise crocodile leopard dinosaur

train car bike bicycle ship boat air airplane plane sky
bus buses truck river side riverside bank riverbank
bed riverbed room bedroom time bedtime lake lakeside
walk footwalk sidewalk cross crosswalk zebra crossing
away walk away walker sing singer dance dancer
song pen pencil gun desk table job

phone telephone call cell cellphone mobile mobile phone
sleep wall sleepy sleeping sleepwalk home family house
town work sick land land animals landmark
hometown homework homesick homeland motherland
new old news paper newspaper
day week month year

ball football basket basketball print footprint
school bag schoolbag China Chinese

open close door window wind cloud dark dark clouds

this that these those and or

sit down stand up please

apple banana pear peach tree orange watermelon
strawberry straw pineapple pine mango pitaya

milk beef steak beefsteak bread fruit breadfruit
noodle dumpling ice icecream

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

today tomorrow yesterday

morning noon after afternoon evening

spring summer autumn winter season

zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty
fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred thousand

holiday vacation summer vacation winter vacation
hot cold hot dog

first second minute hour third fourth fifth
sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth

January February March April May June July August
September October November December

tooth teeth brush my teeth
face wash my face
hair wash my hair

finger nail fingernail toe toenail
young old age baby kid child children
listen music musician read look see
draw drew find name middle last ask answer question
first name middle name last name family name
snow rain stars favorite food juice Coke
forest fire wood woods shoot bamboo bamboo shoots
welcome back coffee teach teacher study student
English math maths mathematics mathematician
here there over over there
friend friendly friendship we us
kiss show night fine fat thin
tall short smart stupid ugly beautiful handsome
east west south north great the Great Wall
language country countryside from
America American Spain Spanish
Germany German Japan Japanese
Italy Italian
hat toy grass grasses full empty egg
umbrella chair lamp lemon eraser onion
university his her some speak climb
swim swimming wallet socks watch TV television
tea milk tea lolipop candle
tomato tomatoes potato potatoes
ride drive driver
glass glasses wing feather cup bottle wine
nut walnut vase pillow hanger
printer inkjet printer ink present
alligator Chinese alligator
doll cute monster rice shirt
thirsty hungry sure
on in near under
play game basketball game
movie film cinema
angry shy nervous
excited exciting
bored boring
interested interesting
ill scared know knew
tired confused annoyed
temperature thermometer
adjective noun real really
now blanket comfortable uncomfortable
cereal skin skinny
every body everybody everyone lesson
expensive cheap long
deep shallow thick thin
Tree Planting Day
heavy light mess messy organized
napkin clean dirty both
ocean Oceania Antarctica map world
forget forgot Australia Australian
North America South America
Europe Asia Asian Africa African
they their nationality

the States
the United States (U.S.)
the United States of America (U.S.A.)
India Indian Hindi Brazil Brazilian
Portugal Portuguese many other
Standard Chinese Mandarin also
Egypt Egyptian Arabic Arab
Russia Russian staple stapler
medal marker marker pen turn
lock pill medicine delicious
fan fans razor comb tape
scissors knife key chain
bracelet mirror
spool thread needle
clip paperclip another
pin long pin bobby pin
tack pocket money pocket knife
die dice earring
rubber band hairband
charger wall charger car charger
marble tweezers
nail clippers
neck necklace container contain
chocolate coin
mine yours his hers ours theirs
diary wet dry windy pet shop shopping
sunny pool park fun funny
net network slide ladder
bunch grape hate
treasure treasure map
sweet sand
hide hid
go went
find found
say said
dig dug
have had
is was
are were
end weekend

garden garage entrance
shoes off
live living room
sofa section sectional couch carpet
rocking chair
curtain plant
television stand
dine dinner breakfast lunch
fast slow
dining room
kitchen cook
fridge refrigerator
microwave microphone
dishes dish washer
machine toaster sink oven teapot
drawer cupboard hallway bath bathroom
toilet scale dress dresser keyboard bookshelf
brother sister Mexico Mexican
South Korea North Korea Korean
France French Canada Canadian
the United Kingdom Britain England

robot leg arm armchair army bone
take took
run after
stop stopped stopping
wheel wheelchair castle put
pat flat bucket top better than best
pic picture photo if
stay can cannot but van
look out want mud muddy pie mix tip
din pan pot tin can bin
swing swung see-saw saw
fancy scare crow scarecrow
put on
boot eyebrow beard ache headache
trumpet drum recorder guitar
pirate ship angel
rat goldfish push pull stuck tractor
make made making jam scarf lorry card
candy gift Merry Christmas
goal miserable
journey trip lost hooray
making faces
fierce frighten frightened
word keep space spaceship spacecraft
sugar supermarket market super superman
crisps comic love like
how what who where let
all fight go-kart
strong weak
trainer pair wear wore
dream could tell told story about
nasty downstairs dolphin
have to
party nobody cornflake
sauce tomato sauce
bean bake baked beans
concrete Lego bark barked tray
went on
went in
pulled down
pushed over
on fire
spade tide next
help helped
bigger biggest
deeper deepest
good idea
in a bit
poor rich lay laid vet just soon
laugh smile photograph give gave
cock owl baby-sitter sandwich join
he him she bull deer turtle eagle
chase chased looked fence soggy dried
statue flew balloon buy bought
went bang
sell sold bubble oil salt
agree disagree spot look after
learn high school
paddling pool fill grab grabbed hose
throw threw neighbour neighbor
aeroplane aircraft cry cried upstairs
crash cloth clothes ring
tail pupil Mr Miss easy hard
fire engine barn hero
went by
on fire
at school
get it out
did up
get into
fed up
have a try
build built building strict polite
glad mind never mind try tried Laces tie
wobble wobbly hit swallow
fog foggy worse worst
class classroom P.E. upset
hard working
clever quiet
conjuror stage inside wand trick
noisy asleep parrot
look for
look like
climb on
climb up
jump on
jump off
furniture naughty log
become became
comma full stop
sink sinking feeling feel felt
king queen prince princess princesses
weather silly
tidy tidied tidier tidiest untidy
grumpy shine shining sunshine
knight will pond coat radio
fever cold toothache dentist
by shed stream bridge fall
band city cities more most
rose seed grow grew grown
leaf leaves rainbow
lose lost Mrs dear weight
report weather report school report
jungle mosquito mosquitos mosquitoes
bite bit bitten because
paint painter paintbrush
huge volcano height
safe salamander lizard
race begin began move win won
drop stuck reed weed stick past
swan land airport rink skate sat
hold held bump people still round
hear heard police earth person spin spun
roll need them parent rest
worn out
take a rest = have a rest
must joke chopsticks serious seriously
steel tap tapped tap water
smoke sweep swept
snowman snowball roof
fall fell heself
dress up
carnival busy trailer lady ladies gentleman gentlemen
break broke broke down
true genius burn burn down calorie
hotel seaside farm farmer
sometime sometimes computer
jog rug too early earlier earliest
late later
talk talked talk show pick own
traffic jam
traffic light
camera secondhand computer
how much
how many
library playground circle degree
outside fair gym favourite display kick
use author caterpillar together
a lot of = lots of
lettuce sale mate classmate schoolmate
why leave left carrot vegetable cotton
swimming trunks
start danger dangerous smell smelt
life lives road roadside rope
hope hopeless across save think thought
alone lonely often unsafe street barbecue
light lit soup future warm again
go out
fed up
hamburger burger large plan press carry
document change
any thing
something anything nothing
sometime anytime somewhere anywhere
someone somebody anyone
fall in love with sb.
button happen
rocket [ˈrɒkɪt] 火箭
launch [lɔːntʃ] 发起,发动;发射
war [wɔːr] 战争
spaceman [ˈspeɪsmæn] 宇航员
juggler [ˈdʒʌɡlər] 玩杂耍的人;耍把戏的人;变戏法的人
cowboy [ˈkaʊbɔɪ] 牛仔
jeans [dʒiːnz] 牛仔裤
stunt [stʌnt] 特技表演
stuntman [ˈstʌntmæn] 特技表演者
floor [flɔːr] 地板;地面;楼层

jumble ['dʒʌmb(ə)l]

jumble sale 旧杂物义卖
junk [dʒʌŋk] n.无用的东西;无价值的东西
junk food 垃圾食品
count [kaʊnt] 数数;计算总数
clown [klaʊn] 小丑
circus [ˈsɜːrkəs] 马戏团;马戏表演
ticket [ˈtɪkɪt] 票;券
always [ˈɔːlweɪz] 总是;每次都是;一直
gymnastics [dʒɪmˈnæstɪks] 体操
good at 擅长;拿手
after all 毕竟;终究
stay [steɪ] 停留;待;保持
hunt [hʌnt] 打猎;猎取;猎杀;搜寻;搜索;追踪;追捕
squirrel [ˈskwɪrəl] 松鼠
energy [ˈenərdʒi] 精力;活力;能源;能量
interest [ˈɪntrəst] n.兴趣; v.使感兴趣;使关注
interested [ˈɪntrəstɪd] adj.感兴趣的
interested in 对......感兴趣
interesting [ˈɪntrəstɪŋ] adj.有趣的
kind [kaɪnd] n.种类 ; adj.体贴的;慈祥的;友好的;宽容的
a kind of 一种; 一类
history [ˈhɪstri] 历史
eggplant [ˈeɡplænt] 茄子
heart [hɑːrt] 心;心脏;心肠;(尤指)爱心
light heart 轻松愉快的心情
heavy heart 沉重的心情;忧伤的心
write [raɪt] 书写;写字;写作
wrote [roʊt] write的过去式
island [ˈaɪlənd] 岛
picnic [ˈpɪknɪk] 野餐
float [fləʊt] 浮动;漂流;飘动;飘移;浮;漂浮
gasp [ɡɑːsp] 喘气,喘息;透不过气;气喘吁吁地说;
perfect [ˈpɜːrfɪkt] 完美的
enough [ɪˈnʌf] 足够;充分;充足
noise [nɔɪz] 声音;响声;噪音;吵闹声;噪声
poor [pɔː(r)] 贫穷的;可怜的;不幸的
shout [ʃaʊt] 大声说;叫;嚷;斥责;怒骂;呼叫;喊叫;
shout at sb.对……大喊;对…大声叫嚷
long jump 跳远
long jumper 跳远运动员
high jump 跳高
high jumper 跳高运动员
spoon [spuːn] v. 用勺舀. n. 勺子;汤匙;调羹
disappoint [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt] v. 使失望
disappointed [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪd] adj. 失望的;沮丧的
shame [ʃeɪm] n.羞耻;羞愧;惭愧;令人惋惜的事;让人遗憾的事
blind [blaɪnd] adj.瞎的;失明的;盲人
blindfold [ˈblaɪndfoʊld] 眼罩

surprise [sərˈpraɪz] n.意想不到(或突然)的事。v.使惊奇;使诧异;使感到意外
surprised [sərˈpraɪzd] v. surprise的过去分词和过去式。adj. 感到惊讶的,出人意料的
to sb’s surprise 让sb感到惊讶(一般放在句首)
site [saɪt] 地点,位置,建筑工地;场所;网站
website [ˈwebsaɪt] 网站
crane [kreɪn] 起重机;吊车;鹤
vane [veɪn] (风车等的)翼,叶片,轮叶
weather vane = wind vane 风向标
cab [kæb] (公共汽车、火车、卡车的)驾驶室
a tall story 荒诞的故事
piano [pi'ænəʊ] 钢琴
taught [tɔːt] teach的过去分词和过去式
address [əˈdres] 住址;地址
lift [lɪft] 提起,举起,抬高,吊起
careful [ˈkerfl] adj. 小心;注意;谨慎;
be careful 小心;当心;注意
number [ˈnʌmbər] 数字;数;数量;编号;序数
date [deɪt] 日期;约会
wallpaper [ˈwɔːlpeɪpər] 壁纸;墙纸;桌面背景
chimney [ˈtʃɪmni] 烟囱;烟道
rise [raɪz] 上升;增长;提高;升起;起床;站起来
rose [rəʊz] rise的过去式;玫瑰
hill [hɪl] 山丘;小山
mountain [ˈmaʊntn] 高山;山岳
gas [ɡæs] 煤气;天然气
pay [peɪ] n.工资;薪水。 v.付费;偿还;交纳;付酬
paid [peɪd] v.pay的过去分词和过去式。 adj.有偿的;付费的;有报酬的;有薪金的
price [praɪs] 价格;价钱
coal [kəʊl] 煤
soon [suːn] 很快;马上;不久
move [muːv] 移动
visit [ˈvɪzɪt] 访问;拜访;看望;参观
clock [klɒk] 时钟;钟
o'clock [əˈklɒk] (表示整点)…点钟
same [seɪm] 相同的
different [ˈdɪfrənt] 不同的;有区别的;有差异的
sample [ˈsæmpl] 样本,样品
sentence [ˈsentəns] 句子
science [ˈsaɪəns] 科学;理科
scientist [ˈsaɪəntɪst] 科学家
biscuit [ˈbɪskɪt] 饼干
far [fɑːr] 远
before [bɪˈfɔːr] 以前;过去
guy [ɡaɪ] 家伙;男人;小伙子
blow [bləʊ] 吹;刮;吹动
blew [bluː] blow的过去式
storm [stɔːrm] 暴风雨
taxi [ˈtæksi] 出租汽车;计程车;的士
subway [ˈsʌbweɪ] 地下铁道;地铁交通
motor cycle [ˈmoʊtər ˈsaɪkl] 摩托车
motorcycle [ˈmoʊtərsaɪkl] 摩托车
nurse [nɜːrs] 护士
nurses [ˈnɜːrsɪz] nurse的复数
rode [roʊd] ride的过去式
swap [swɒp] 交换
swapped [swɒpt] swap的过去分词和过去式
swap sth for sth 用…替换;把…换成;掉换
swap sth with sb 跟sb交换sth
bat [bæt] 球棒;球拍;球板;蝙蝠
mend [mend] 修理;修补
skateboard [ˈskeɪtbɔːrd] 滑板
broken [ˈbrəʊkən] adj.破损的;伤残的;破碎的;v.break的过去分词
screen [skriːn] 屏幕
seat [siːt] 座位
result [rɪˈzʌlt] 后果;结果
county [ˈkaʊnti] (英国、爱尔兰的)郡;(美国的)县
test [test] 测验;测试;(医疗上的)检查,化验
difference [ˈdɪfrəns] n.差别;差异
success [səkˈses] n.成功;胜利;
successful [səkˈsesfl] adj.成功的;达到目的的;有成效的
ready [ˈredi] 准备好;准备完毕;已完成
ready to do sth 准备好做某事
ready for sth 为某事已做好准备
between [bɪˈtwiːn] 在…中间,介于…之间;在…之间
pass [pɑːs] 通过;走过
password [ˈpɑːswɜːd] 密码
understand [ˌʌndərˈstænd] 懂;理解;领会;了解
choose [tʃuːz] 选择;挑选
chose [tʃəʊz] choose的过去式
decide [dɪˈsaɪd] 决定;对…作出抉择
exam [ɪɡˈzæm] 考试
until [ənˈtɪl] 到……时,直到……为止
view [vjuː] v.查看;观看;n. 视野;意见;风景
stood [stʊd] stand的过去分词和过去式
paw [pɔː] (动物的)爪
split [splɪt] 分裂;分离;分开
wait [weɪt] 等;等待;等候
wait for sb/sth 等sb/sth
wait a minute 等一下
wish [wɪʃ] v.希望;祝愿;想要 . n.希望;愿望;心愿
wishes [ˈwɪʃɪz] wish的第三人称单数和复数
wish someone luck 祝某人好运
wish come true 愿望实现
half [hɑːf] 一半;一半的
luck [lʌk] n.好运;幸运
lucky [ˈlʌki] adj.有好运的;运气好的;幸运的
poster [ˈpoʊstər] 海报;招贴画;宣传画;标语
jacket [ˈdʒækɪt] 夹克衫;短上衣
size [saɪz] 大小;尺寸;尺码
invent [ɪnˈvent] v. 发明;创造;编造;捏造;虚构
inventor [ɪnˈventər] 发明者;发明家
fit [fɪt] 适合,合身
should [ʃʊd] )应该,应当
pound [paʊnd] 英镑
cost [kɔːst] 费用;花费;价钱;成本
maybe [ˈmeɪbi] 大概,或许,可能,也许
path [pæθ] 小路;小径;路线;道路;行动计划;成功的途径
cool [kuːl] 凉的;凉爽的;冷静的;出色的
lead [liːd] 带领;领导;引导
led [led] lead的过去分词和过去式
leader [ˈliːdər] 领导者;领袖;首领
kept [kept] keep的过去分词和过去式
nation [ˈneɪʃn] 国家;民族;国民
national [ˈnæʃnəl] 国家的;民族的
National Day 国庆节
follow [ˈfɒləʊ] 跟随;跟着
control [kənˈtrəʊl] 控制;掌管
under control 得到控制;被控制住;得到控制
lose control 失去控制;情绪失控
out of control 失去控制;不受控制
den [den] 兽穴;书房;兽窝;窝点
branch [brɑːntʃ] 树的分枝(区别于“主干”)
branches [ˈbrɑːntʃɪz] branch的复数
log [lɒɡ] 采伐后未经加工的木料
worry [ˈwʌri] 担心;担忧
worried [ˈwʌrid] adj.担心的;担忧的. v. worry的过去分词和过去式
splash [splæʃ] 泼洒;哗啦哗啦地溅;噼里啪啦地落
secret [ˈsiːkrət] adj.秘密的;保密的. n.秘密;机密
mean [miːn] v.表示…的意思;意思是;本意是
vaccine [ˈvæksiːn] n.疫苗
flu [fluː] n.流行性感冒;流感
plus [plʌs] 加;和
minus [ˈmaɪnəs] 减;减去;零下
health [helθ] n.健康
healthy ['helθi] adj.健康的
camera [ˈkæmərə] 照相机;(电影)摄影机;(电视)摄像机
recorder [rɪˈkɔːrdər] 录音机;录像机;竖笛
Camcorder [ˈkæmkɔːrdər] 录像机;摄录相机;摄像机
video [ˈvɪdioʊ] 录像带;录像;录影
wedding [ˈwedɪŋ] v.结婚; n.婚礼
anniversary [ˌænɪˈvɜːrsəri] 周年纪念日
wipe [waɪp] 擦;抹;拭;消除
tear [tɪr] 眼泪
burgle [ˈbɜːrɡl] v.入室盗窃
burglar [ˈbɜːrɡlər] n.入室窃贼
catch [kætʃ] v.接住;截住;拦住;抓住;握住
caught [kɔːt] catch的过去分词和过去式
thanks to 幸亏;多亏
miss [mɪs] 错过;思念;怀念;赶不上
jail [dʒeɪl] 监狱;牢
send [sent] 发送;打发;邮寄
sent [sent] send的过去分词和过去式
career [kəˈrɪə(r)] 职业;事业
Florida [ˈflɔridə] 佛罗里达州(美国)
Chicago [ʃɪ'kɑ:ɡoʊ] 芝加哥
Abraham Lincoln [ˈeɪbrəhæm ˈlɪŋkən] 亚伯拉罕·林肯
steal [stiːl] 偷;窃取
stole [stoʊl] steal的过去式
stolen [ˈstoʊlən] v.steal的过去分词;adj.偷得的;偷走的
fire balloon 热(空气)气球
hot air balloon 热(空气)气球
copy [ˈkɒpi] n.复制品 ;v.复制
copier [ˈkɒpiə(r)] 复印机
photocopier [ˈfoʊtoʊkɑːpiər] 复印机
letter [ˈletər] 信;字母
bother [ˈbɒðə(r)] 打扰;使(某人)烦恼(或担忧、不安)
prize [praɪz] 奖;奖赏;奖励;奖品;奖金
price [praɪs] 价格;价钱
add [æd] 增加;加添
wonderful [ˈwʌndərfl] 精彩的;绝妙的
witch [wɪtʃ] 女巫;巫婆
wizard [ˈwɪzərd] 巫师;男巫
magic [ˈmædʒɪk] n.魔法;法术;巫术;魔术; adj.魔法的
magician [məˈdʒɪʃn] 魔术师;变戏法的人;巫师
marry [ˈmæri] (和某人)结婚;嫁;娶
bride [braɪd] 新娘
maid [meɪd] 女仆;侍女;少女;未婚年轻女子
bridesmaid ['braɪdz.meɪd] 伴娘
best man 伴郎
pageboy [ˈpeɪdʒbɔɪ] 新娘的伴童
material [məˈtɪriəl] 布料;材料;原料
skirt [skɜːt] 裙子
declare [dɪˈkler] 公布;宣布;宣告;表明
may [meɪ] 也许,可能;可以
might [maɪt] may 的过去式
groom [ɡruːm] 新郎
page [peɪdʒ] 页,面,张
borrow [ˈbɔːroʊ] 借;借用
believe [bɪˈliːv] 相信
finish [ˈfɪnɪʃ] 完成;做好;(使)结束
finished [ˈfɪnɪʃt] finish的过去分词和过去式
on time 准时,按时
measure [ˈmeʒər] v.测量;度量;估量
measurement [ˈmeʒərmənt] n.测量;度量;长度
take sb's measurement 测量某人的尺寸
suit [suːt] 套装;西装;西服
agreement [əˈɡriːmənt] 协议;协定;同意;契约
speed [spiːd] 速度
tear[ter] 撕裂;撕碎;扯破;戳破;
tore [tɔːr] tear的过去式
please [pliːz] 使满意;使愉快
pleased [pliːzd] adj.高兴;满意;愉快;乐于(做某事) v.please的过去分词和过去式
guess [ɡes] 猜测;估计
tennis [ˈtenɪs] 网球
tennis ball 网球
tennis net 网球网
table tennis 乒乓球
water butt [ˈwɔːtər bʌt] (接房檐雨水的)雨水桶
leak [liːk] 泄漏;渗漏
patch [pætʃ] n.补丁;v.打补丁;缝补;修补
tricky [ˈtrɪki] 难办的;难对付的
burst [bɜːrst] 破裂;爆炸;突破;冲进
brick [brɪk] 砖;砖块
knee [niː] 膝;膝盖
trousers [ˈtraʊzərz] 裤子
cut [kʌt] 切;割;割破;划破
pour [pɔːr] 倒;倾倒;倒出
pasta [ˈpɑːstə] 意大利面
water [ˈwɔːtər] v.给…浇水;
younger ['jʌŋɡər] 幼小的;相对年轻的
older [oʊldər] 年长的
beer [bɪr] 啤酒
scarf [skɑːrf] 围巾;披巾;头巾
scarves [skɑːrvz] scarf 的复数
knit [nɪt] v. 编织
knitted [ˈnɪtɪd] 可做形容词
knitting [ˈnɪtɪŋ] 可做名词
glad [ɡlæd] adj. 高兴;乐意;愿意;愉快
bring [brɪŋ] 带来
brought [brɔːt] bring的过去式和过去分词
important [ɪmˈpɔːrtnt] adj.重要的
importance [ɪmˈpɔːrtns] n.重要性;价值
case [keɪs] 箱;容器
bush [bʊʃ] 灌木
bushes [ˈbʊʃəz] bush的复数
habit [ˈhæbɪt] 习惯
obey [əˈbeɪ] 服从;遵守
law [lɔː] 法律法规
obey law 遵守法律
break law 违反法律
lawyer [ˈlɔːjər] 律师
rule [ruːl] n.规则;规章;条例
ruler [ˈruːlər] 直尺
office [ˈɒfɪs] 办公室;办公楼
officer [ˈɒfɪsə(r)] 军官;官员,高级职员;警察的头衔
excuse [ɪkˈskjuːs , ɪkˈskjuːz] 借口;理由;辩解
Excuse me. 请原谅;对不起;劳驾;打扰一下
thief [θiːf] 贼;小偷;窃贼
thieves [θiːvz] thief的复数;thieve的第三人称单数
lip [lɪp] 嘴唇
upper lip 上嘴唇
lower lip 下嘴唇
lipstick [ˈlɪpstɪk] 口红;唇膏
moment [ˈmoʊmənt] 瞬间;时机;片刻;时光
set off [set ɔːf] 动身;出发
step [step] 步;步骤;台阶;步伐
explain [ɪkˈspleɪn] 解释;说明
tug [tʌɡ] 拉,拖,拽
skip [skɪp] 跳过;跳跃;跳绳
skip rope 跳绳
share [ʃer] 分享;共享
share sth. with sb. 与 sb 分享/共享 sth
decide [dɪˈsaɪd] v.决定;对…作出抉择
decision [dɪˈsɪʒn] n.决定,抉择
make a decision 作出决定
flag [flæɡ] 旗;旗帜
national flag 国旗
First of all 首先
special [ˈspeʃl] adj. 特殊的;特别的;不寻常的;不一般的
nothing special 没什么特别的;一般,马马虎虎
handshake [ˈhændʃeɪk] 握手
glow [ɡləʊ] 发出微弱而稳定的光;发出暗淡的光
glowwatch 夜光表
worm [wɜːrm] 蠕虫
glowworm ['ɡloʊ.wɜrm] 萤火虫
firefly [ˈfaɪərflaɪ] 萤火虫
slipper [ˈslɪpər] 拖鞋
a pair of slippers 一双拖鞋
wide [waɪd] adj. 宽的;宽阔的
foot feet 英尺
bright [braɪt] 明亮的;光线充足的;鲜艳夺目的;聪明的
against [əˈɡenst] 反对;与…相反;违反
against the law 违反法律;与法律相违背
without [wɪˈðaʊt] 没有;缺乏;不用;不带
brave [breɪv] 勇敢的;无畏的
adventure [ədˈventʃər] 冒险;冒险经历;奇遇
adventurer [ədˈventʃərər] 冒险者;冒险家
hurt [hɜːrt] v. 受伤;感到疼痛;使不快;使烦恼. adj. (身体上或感情上)受伤的
sword [sɔːrd] 剑
ghost [ɡoʊst] 鬼;鬼魂;幽灵
remember [rɪˈmembər] 回想起;记得;记起;想起;记住
wake [weɪk] 醒;醒来;唤醒;弄醒;
wake up
lie [laɪ] n.谎言. v.说谎;撒谎;编造谎言
lied [laɪd] lie的过去分词和过去式
lying [ˈlaɪɪŋ] lie的现在分词
tell a lie 说谎
lie about something 说关于…的谎话
lie to someone 对某人撒谎
spend [spend] 用,花(钱);花(时间);度过;花费,消耗
spent [spent] spend的过去分词和过去式
battery [ˈbætəri] 电池
pain [peɪn] 痛;疼痛
painful [ˈpeɪnfl] 令人疼痛的;令人痛苦的
itch [ɪtʃ] 痒
scary [ˈskeri] adj. 恐怖的;吓人的
read [red] 阅读 read的过去式
frightened [ˈfraɪtnd] adj. 惊吓的;受惊的;害怕的
work [wɜːrk] 奏效;运行
keep on 重复;继续
give up 放弃
whole [hoʊl] adj. 全部的;整体的;完全的;所有的
darling [ˈdɑːrlɪŋ] n. 亲爱的;宝贝
golden [ˈɡoʊldən] adj. 金的;金色的;金黄色的
field [fiːld] 田;地
soft [sɔːft] adj. 软的;柔软的
hard [hɑːrd] adj. 坚固的;坚硬的
count [kaʊnt] 计算;数量;数数
waste [weɪst] 浪费
waste sth on sth
waste sth (in) doing sth
freeze [friːz] 结冰;冰冻;冷藏;严寒
froze [frəʊz] freeze的过去式
frozen [ˈfrəʊzn] freeze的过去分词--adj. 冷冻的; 冷藏的; 冻僵; 极冷; 冰封的; 封冻的; 结冰的;
beach [biːtʃ] 海滩;沙滩
coconut [ˈkoʊkənʌt] 椰子
cucumber [ˈkjuːkʌmbər] 黄瓜
captain [ˈkæptɪn] 船长;机长;队长
difficult [ˈdɪfɪkəlt] 困难的;费力的;难做的
fresh [freʃ] adj. 新鲜的
death [deθ] n. 死亡
invite [ɪn'vaɪt] 邀请
yogurt [ˈjoʊɡərt] 酸奶
hook [hʊk] 钩;挂钩;鱼钩;钓钩
trap [træp] 陷阱;圈套;诡计
hunter [ˈhʌntər] 猎人;狩猎者
set [set] 放;置;设置;安排
set 过去式和过去分词不变
set up 设置;安装;建立;安排
set off 出发;动身
set a trap 设陷阱;设圈套
alarm [əˈlɑːrm] 警报;警报器;闹铃
alarm clock 闹钟
sound [saʊnd] n. 声音;响声 。 v. (使)发出声音,响;拉响警报
voice [vɔɪs] 嗓音;说话声;歌唱声
calm [kɑːm] 镇静的;沉着的;风平浪静的;无风的
promise [ˈprɒmɪs] 许诺;承诺;答应;保证
swam [swæm] swim的过去式
swum [swʌm] swim的过去分词
cheer [tʃɪr] 欢呼;喝彩;加油;鼓励;鼓舞
cheering [ˈtʃɪrɪŋ] cheer的现在分词
suitcase [ˈsuːtkeɪs] 衣箱;手提箱;行李箱
wondered [ˈwʌndəd] 想知道;想弄明白;感到诧异; 非常惊讶;
take care of 照顾;照看;看护
stuff [stʌf] 东西;物品;
which [wɪtʃ] 哪一个;哪一些
blindman's buff 捉迷藏
watch out 当心;留神;小心
either 美 ['iðər] 英 [ˈaɪðər] (用于否定词组后)也
episode [ˈepɪsoʊd] (电视连续剧或广播剧的)一集
previously [ˈpriːviəsli] 先前;以前;
iron [ˈaɪən] 铁
rust [rʌst] n. 锈;铁锈; v. (使)生锈
rusty [ˈrʌsti] adj. 生锈的
remove [rɪˈmuːv] 移开;拿开;去掉;摘下;去除
store [stɔːr] 商店;店铺
keychain [kiː tʃeɪn] 钥匙扣;钥匙串;钥匙圈
fill [fɪl] 装满,注满,填满
shoulder [ˈʃəʊldə(r)] 肩;肩膀
sign [saɪn] 招牌;标牌;指示牌;标志
bounce [baʊns] (使)弹起,弹跳
bouncy [ˈbaʊnsi] adj. 弹性好的;有反弹力的;
bouncy ball 弹力球
any more (常用于否定句和疑问句末)再也(不),(不)再
note [nəʊt] 笔记;记录
notebook [ˈnoʊtbʊk] 笔记本;笔记本计算机
purse [pɜːrs] 钱包,皮夹子
yarn [jɑːrn] 毛线

puncture [ˈpʌŋktʃər]

  1. 在…上扎孔(或穿孔);(被)刺破;
  2. (轮胎上刺破的)小孔,小洞;(尤指皮肤上被刺破的)扎孔;刺伤

tyre [ˈtaɪər] n. 轮胎

shock [ʃɒk]

  1. 震惊;惊愕;令人震惊的事;休克
  2. 使震惊;使惊愕

final [ˈfaɪnl] adj. 最终的;最后的
finally [ˈfaɪnəli] adv. 终于;最终;最后
anyway [ˈeniweɪ] 反正;无论如何;不管怎样
time 次数
once [wʌns] 一次
twice [twaɪs] 两次;两遍
sour [ˈsaʊər] adj. 酸的;有酸味的
yell [jel] v. 叫喊;大喊;吼叫
be able to [ˈeɪbl] 能够;可以;有能力;
cover [ˈkʌvər] v. 遮盖;覆盖;掩蔽
design [dɪˈzaɪn] v&n .设计
stage [steɪdʒ] 舞台;时期,阶段,状态
piece [piːs] 片;块;段;标准的量;
a piece of 一张;一片;一件;一块
product [ˈprɒdʌkt] 产品
popular [ˈpɒpjələ(r)] adj. 受喜爱的;受欢迎的; 流行的
pop song 流行歌曲
pop star 歌星;明星
power [ˈpaʊər] 权力;控制力;影响力;动力;能量
powerful [ˈpaʊərfl] 强大的;有权势的;强有力的
robe [rəʊb] 袍服,礼袍
weapon [ˈwepən] n. 武器;兵器
broom [bruːm] n. 扫把;扫帚
point [pɔɪnt] 点;观点;要点;重点
pointed [ˈpɔɪntɪd] adj. 尖的;有尖头的;尖锐的
sharp [ʃɑːrp] 锋利的;锐利的;
even [ˈiːvn] adv. 甚至,连,即使
prison [ˈprɪzn] n. 监狱;牢狱;看守所
cell [sel] n. 牢房,囚室
prison cell n. 牢房,囚室
prisoner [ˈprɪznər] 囚犯;犯人
turn into 变成;把……变成
turn back 返回
nowhere 无处;哪里都不
choice [tʃɔɪs] n. 选择;挑选;抉择
stone [stoʊn] n. 石头; 石料; 岩石; 石块; 石子
dare [der] 敢于;胆敢
spell [spel] n.咒语 v.用字母拼;拼写;拼出
spelt [spelt] spell的过去分词和过去式
of course [ɒv kɔːs] 当然
too...to 太……而不能;太……以致不能
forever [fərˈevər] 永远;长久地;老是,没完没了地
probably [ˈprɒbəbli] adv. 大概;很可能;几乎肯定
message [ˈmesɪdʒ] 信息,消息;(手机)短信息
receive [rɪˈsiːv] 接收;收到;接到
resend [riː'send] 重新发送;再送
mail [meɪl] n.&v. 邮件;信件
email [ˈiːmeɪl] n.&v. 电子邮件
breathe [briːð] v. 呼吸;呼出
breath [breθ] n. 呼吸的空气;一次吸入的空气
take a breath 吸气
hold your breath 屏气
catch your breath 喘口气
bad breath 口臭
fresh breath 清新的口气
deep breath 深呼吸
ago [əˈɡoʊ] 以前
Long long ago 很久很久以前
already [ɔːlˈredi] 已经
well 井;水井
company [ˈkʌmpəni] 公司
relax [rɪˈlæks] v. 放松
relaxed [rɪˈlækst] adj. 放松的 ;v.relax的过去式和过去分词
crayon [ˈkreɪən] 蜡笔
seek [siːk] 寻找
hide and seek 捉迷藏;藏猫猫
make sure 确保;尽力做到;深信
goat [ɡoʊt] 山羊
supper [ˈsʌpər] 晚饭;晚餐
sudden [ˈsʌdn] adj. 突然的;忽然的;突如其来的
suddenly [ˈsʌdənli] adv.突然;忽然
seat [siːt] 座位
belt [belt] n. 腰带;皮带
waist [weɪst] 腰;腰部
stew [stjuː] v.炖
check [tʃek] 检查;查看;检验;核查
trouble [ˈtrʌbl] n.麻烦;问题;困难;困境。v.使麻烦;使忧虑;使烦恼;使苦恼
village [ˈvɪlɪdʒ] n. 村庄;村镇;乡村居民;村民
lovely [ˈlʌvli] adj. 美丽的;可爱的
thank goodness ['ɡʊdnəs] 谢天谢地;感谢上帝;感谢上天
alive [əˈlaɪv] adj. 在世;意识到;活着;情绪饱满
whether [ˈweðər] 是否;不管;无论;会不会
twins [twɪnz] 孪生儿之一;双胞胎之一
toboggan [təˈbɒɡən] n.长雪橇;平底长雪橇
alike [əˈlaɪk] adj. 相像;十分相似
gloves [glʌvz] (分手指的)手套
mittens [ˈmɪtənz] 连指手套
defeat [dɪˈfiːt] v.击败;战胜 。 n.失败;战败
outfit [ˈaʊtfɪt] n. 全套服装;全套装备
victory [ˈvɪktəri] n. 胜利;成功
reach [riːtʃ] 到达;抵达;达到;达成;伸手够到
fair [fer] adj.合理的;恰当的;适当的。 n.展销会;商品交易会;露天游乐场;集市
punish [ˈpʌnɪʃ] v. 处罚;惩罚
mistake [mɪˈsteɪk] n. 错误,失误
refuse [rɪˈfjuːz] 拒绝;回绝
trousers [ˈtraʊzərz] n. 裤子;长裤
helmet [ˈhelmɪt] n. 头盔;防护帽
wise [waɪz] adj. 充满智慧的;明智的;英明的
strange [streɪndʒ] adj. 奇怪的;奇特的;异常的;陌生的
corner [ˈkɔːrnər] n. 角;拐角;街角;墙角
serve [sɜːrv] v. 服务;提供;接待
duty [ˈdjuːti] n. 责任;职责;义务;值班
through [θruː] 穿过;通过
gate [ɡeɪt] n.闸门;大门;围墙门
century ['sentʃəri] n.世纪;百年;100 年
equal ['iːkwəl] adj.相同的;相等的;平等的;同等的
project [ˈprɒdʒekt] 项目;工程;计划;方案
elbow [ˈelbəʊ] 肘部;
elbow pats 护肘
seem [siːm] 似乎;好像;看来
close [kloʊz , kloʊs] 接近;靠近;紧挨着;不远地
armour [ˈɑːrmər] n. 盔甲
tough [tʌf] adj. 坚强的;健壮的;能吃苦耐劳的;坚韧不拔的
afraid [əˈfreɪd] adj. 害怕;担心
amaze [əˈmeɪz] v. 令人惊奇;使惊奇
amazing [əˈmeɪzɪŋ] adj. 令人吃惊的;惊人的;太神了
bet [bet] 打赌
argue [ˈɑːrɡjuː] 争论;争辩;争吵
argue with someone 与某人争论、争吵
argue about something 为…争论、争吵
each [iːtʃ] 每;每个
each other 彼此;互相
impolite [ˌɪmpəˈlaɪt] 不礼貌的
earn [ɜːrn] 赚;赢得;挣钱
earn money 挣钱
earn good money 赚大钱
income [ˈɪnkʌm] 收入;收益;所得
care [ker] n.护理;照顾;小心;照料。 v.关心;关怀;在意;关注
as...as [æz æz] 像…一样
brilliant [ˈbrɪliənt] adj. 才华横溢的;卓越的;极好的;精彩的,绝妙的;明亮的;鲜艳的;灿烂的
almost [ˈɔːlmoʊst] 几乎;差不多
ask [æsk] 问;要求;请;请求;询问
problem [ˈprɒbləm] n.难题;困难;棘手的问题
complete [kəmˈpliːt] v.完成;结束。 adj.完全的;全部的;整个的
idiot [ˈɪdiət] 蠢人;笨蛋;白痴
task [tɑːsk] 任务;工作
such [sʌtʃ] 这样的;那样的;非常;如此程度
point [pɔɪnt] n.点;观点;要点;重点。 v.指向;指点;瞄准;指引
accept [əkˈsept] 接受;认可;同意
cottage [ˈkɒtɪdʒ] 小屋
sail [seɪl] v. 起航;(船)航行;(人)乘船航行
sailing ['seɪlɪŋ]

  1. “sail”的现在分词
  2. 帆船运动;(乘帆船的)航行

patient [ˈpeɪʃnt]

patient with somebody 对somebody有耐心
patience [ˈpeɪʃns] n. 耐心;忍耐;耐性
post [poʊst] v. 邮寄;寄;把(信件等)投入邮筒;投递
postcard [ˈpəʊstkɑːd] n. 明信片
post office 邮局
tyre [ˈtaɪər] n. 轮胎
rock [rɒk] n. 岩石;石山;礁石;巨石块;岩块
stamp [stæmp] n.邮票;. v.跺(脚);重踩;重踏
metre [ˈmiːtər] n. 米
ever [ˈevər] 曾经
restaurant [ˈrestrɒnt] n.餐馆;餐厅
low [ləʊ] adj. 低的;矮的;离地面近的;在底部的;近底部的
upper lip 上嘴唇
lower lip 下嘴唇
famous [ˈfeɪməs] adj.著名的;出名的
race [reɪs] n.比赛;赛跑;速度竞赛
mart [mɑːrt] n.贸易场所;集市;市场
market [ˈmɑːrkɪt] n.市场;商场;集市
upset [ʌp'set] adj.沮丧;难过;不高兴;失望
matter [ˈmætər] n.问题;事情
fail [feɪl]

at all 完全;根本;一点也不;丝毫
Not at all 一点也不;根本不;不用谢;别客气

cover [ˈkʌvər]

sign [saɪn] 招牌;标牌;指示牌;标志

post [poʊst]

  1. 邮寄;寄;把(信件等)投入邮筒;投递
  2. 柱;桩;标志杆

signpost ['saɪn.poʊst] 路牌;指示牌;路标
follow [ˈfɒləʊ] 跟随;跟着
skid [skɪd] v.打滑;侧滑;滑行
kite [kaɪt] n. 风筝
colourful [ˈkʌlərfl] 五颜六色的;五彩缤纷的
enjoy [ɪnˈdʒɔɪ] v.享受;欣赏;喜爱
track [træk]

  1. 跑道;轨道;轨迹
  2. 跟踪;追踪

thank goodness [ˈɡʊdnəs] 谢天谢地,幸亏;感谢上帝;感谢上天
in time 及时
line [laɪn] n. 线;线路;直线;路线
starting line 起跑线
finishing line 终点线
safety [ˈseɪfti] n. 安全;平安
born [bɔːrn]
less [les] 较少的;更少;更小;little的比较级
least [liːst] 最少的;最少;最小;little的最高级
at least 至少
meal [miːl] n. 早(或午、晚)餐;一顿饭
hug [hʌɡ] n.拥抱;搂抱 . v.拥抱;搂抱
vanish [ˈvænɪʃ] 消失;隐没
theatre [ˈθiːətər] n. 剧场;剧院;戏院
factory [ˈfæktri] n. 工厂;制造厂
lazy [ˈleɪzi] adj. 不愿工作的;懒散的;懒惰的;无精打采的

iron [ˈaɪərn]

ironing [ˈaɪərnɪŋ]

bits of 少量的;一点;小块小片的

washer ['wɑʃər] n. 洗衣机
dryer [ˈdraɪər] n. 烘干机;脱水机;干燥机
study ['stʌdi] n. 书房

stranger ['streɪndʒər]

rub [rʌb] 擦;磨;搓;揉
disk [dɪsk] 磁盘;磁碟;硬盘
crazy ['kreɪzɪ] adj. 疯狂的;神经病的;不理智的
precious [ˈpreʃəs] 珍奇的;珍稀的;宝贵的;珍贵的
gift [ɡɪft] n. 礼物;天赋;才能;赠品

attack [əˈtæk]

protect [prəˈtekt] v. 保护
protection [prəˈtekʃn] n. 保护
from now on 从现在起;从现在开始;从今以后
towel [ˈtaʊəl] n. 毛巾;手巾;纸巾;抹布
please [pliːz] v. 喜欢;使满意;使愉快
bomb [bɒm] n. 炸弹;核弹;核武器
explode [ɪkˈsploʊd] v. 爆炸;爆裂;爆破
indeed [ɪnˈdiːd] 的确;确实;强调肯定的陈述或答复;真正地

camp [kæmp]

camping [ˈkæmpɪŋ]

trash [træʃ] n. 垃圾;废物
trash bin 垃圾箱
trash can 垃圾桶

tent [tent] n. 帐篷
during [ˈdjʊərɪŋ] 在...的期间;在...的时候;在……过程中

drank [dræŋk] drink的过去式

drunk [drʌŋk]

mat [mæt] n. 小地毯;垫子
ant [ænt] n. 蚂蚁
badminton [ˈbædmɪntən] n. 羽毛球运动
racket [ˈrækɪt] n. (网球、羽毛球等的)球拍

hammer [ˈhæmər]

milk [mɪlk]

chest [tʃest] n. 胸部;胸膛
bullet [ˈbʊlɪt] n. 子弹
examine [ɪɡˈzæmɪn] v. 检验;审查;调查;考察
tube [tuːb] n. 管;管子;管状物;软管
expect [ɪkˈspekt] v. 期望;预计;期待;指望
visitor [ˈvɪzɪtər] n. 来访者;访问者;参观者;游客
foreign [ˈfɔːrən] adj. 外国的
belly [ˈbeli] n. 腹部;肚子
belly button 肚脐
beer belly 啤酒肚
gas light 煤气灯
torch light [tɔːrtʃ] 手电筒
grade [ɡreɪd] n. 等级;年级
helicopter [ˈhelɪkɒptə(r)] n. 直升机
pilot [ˈpaɪlət] n. 飞行员
flier [ˈflaɪər] n. 飞行员
flyer [ˈflaɪər] n. 飞行员
block [blɒk] v.阻塞;阻碍;堵塞;挡
at last 最后;终于

taste [teɪst]

primary school [ˈpraɪmeri] n. 小学
ambulance [ˈæmbjələns] n. 救护车
make way 让路;让开;让道

rescue [ˈreskjuː]

dinghy [ˈdɪŋɡi] n. 小艇;敞篷小船
lifeboat [ˈlaɪfboʊt] n. 救生艇
life jacket n. 救生衣

passenger [ˈpæsɪndʒər] n. 乘客;旅客
collect [kəˈlekt] v. 收集;搜集;采集;收藏
rubbish [ˈrʌbɪʃ] n.垃圾;废弃物
garbage [ˈɡɑːrbɪdʒ] n. 垃圾
boot [buːt] n. 靴子;(汽车后部的)行李箱
car boot 汽车后备箱
car boot sale 旧货市场;汽车后备箱集市;汽车跳蚤市场

trust [trʌst]

repair [rɪˈper] v. 修理;修补;修缮

pump [pʌmp]

oil [ɔɪl]

sugar [ˈʃʊɡər]

salt [sɔːlt]

leak [liːk]

station [ˈsteɪʃn] n. 火车站;公共汽车站;长途汽车站;站;所;局
arrive [əˈraɪv] v. 到达;抵达

nearby [ˌnɪrˈbaɪ]

pant [pænt]

sweat [swet]

blood [blʌd] n. 血;血统
metal [ˈmetl] n. 金属
dove [dʌv] n.鸽子(白鸽常作为和平的象征)
affect [əˈfekt] v. 影响
accident [ˈæksɪdənt] n. 意外;(交通)事故;意外遭遇;不测事件

glue [ɡluː]

stick [stɪk]

stuck [stʌk]

arrival [əˈraɪvl] n. 到达;抵达;到达者
handle [ˈhændl] n. 柄;把手;拉手
apologize [əˈpɒlədʒaɪz] v. 道歉;表示歉意;对不起
apologize to 向…道歉
apologize for 为…道歉,替…道歉
forgive [fərˈɡɪv] v. 原谅;宽恕
weir [wɪr] n.堰;拦河坝

flow [fləʊ]

wound [wuːnd]

spot [spɒt] n.斑点;污迹;污渍;脏点;地点;场所

search [sɜːrtʃ]

paddle [ˈpædl]

shake [ʃeɪk]

shook [ʃʊk] shake的过去式
shaken [ˈʃeɪkən] shake的过去分词

ahead [əˈhed] adv. 向前地;提前;领先;(时间、空间)向前面,在前面;
shore [ʃɔːr] n. 岸;海滨;海岸

lend [lend] v.借给;给予;借出

过去式: lent
过去分词: lent

lend sb. sth.
lend sth. to sb.

hard hat 安全帽

construct [kənˈstrʌkt] v. 建造;创建;建筑;修建
construction [kənˈstrʌkʃn] n. 施工;建筑;建立;建造
memory [ˈmeməri] n. 回忆;记忆力
childhood [ˈtʃaɪldhʊd] n.童年;幼年;孩童时期

hurry [ˈhʌri]

digger [ˈdɪɡər] n.挖掘机;挖掘者
dirt [dɜːrt] n.污垢;泥
dirty [ˈdɜːrti] adj.肮脏的

scoop [skuːp]

trench [trentʃ] n.沟槽;沟;海沟;战壕;渠

scar [skɑːr] n. 伤疤;伤痕

whistle [ˈwɪsl]

quite [kwaɪt] adv. 很;相当;非常;完全
system [ˈsɪstəm] n. 系统;体系;制度;体制
soldier [ˈsoʊldʒər] n.士兵;军人
operate [ˈɒpəreɪt] v. 操作;工作;运转;动手术
operation [ˌɒpəˈreɪʃn] n. 操作;运行;运作;手术
referee [ˌrefəˈriː] n. 裁判;裁判员
festival [ˈfestɪvl] n. 节;节日
foolish [ˈfuːlɪʃ] adj. 愚蠢的; 傻的
track [træk]

criminal [ˈkrɪmɪnl] n. 罪犯
vest [vest] n. 汗衫;坎肩;背心

support [səˈpɔːrt]

bench [bentʃ] n. 长椅
benches [ˈbɛntʃɪz] n. bench的复数

customer [ˈkʌstəmər] n. 客户;顾客
grab [ɡræb] v.抓住,夺得
grabbed [ɡræbd] grab的过去分词和过去式
chance [tʃæns] n. 机会;机遇
ceiling [ˈsiːlɪŋ] n. 天花板;顶棚
fix [fɪks] v. 修理;确定;安排;安装
distance [ˈdɪstəns] n.距离;远处;间距;远方
purpose [ˈpɜːrpəs] n. 目的;用途;目标;意图
on purpose 故意地;特意地;有意地
drown [draʊn] v. (使)淹死,溺死;浸透;淹没;浸泡
cobra [ˈkoʊbrə] n. 眼镜蛇
entire [ɪnˈtaɪər] adj. 全部的;整个的;完全的
destroy [dɪˈstrɔɪ] v. 破坏;摧毁;毁灭;消灭
human [ˈhjuːmən] n. 人类;人
yard [jɑrd] n. 院子;场地;花园
backyard [ˈbækˌjɑrd] n. 后院;后花园

peck [pek]

stuff [stʌf]

uncle [ˈʌŋkl] n. 叔父;伯父;伯伯;舅父
aunt [ænt] n. 姑母;姨母;伯母;舅母
team [tiːm] n. 团队; 队; 组,班;
teamwork [ˈtiːmwɜːrk] n. 团队合作;配合;协同工作
introduce [ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs] v. 介绍;把…介绍(给);引见
lane [leɪn] n.(乡间)小路;车道;小巷;泳道;胡同
along [əˈlɔŋ] prep. 沿着;顺着;靠着…边;

straight [streɪt]

proud [praʊd] adj. 自豪的; 骄傲的; 得意的; 满足的; 引以为荣的
magical [ˈmædʒɪkl] adj. 神奇的;奇妙的;有魔力的;
cheek [tʃiːk] n. 脸颊;面颊

beside [bɪˈsaɪd]

besides [bɪˈsaɪdz]

pacifier [ˈpæsɪfaɪər] n. 安抚奶嘴
wet wipes 湿巾
immediately [ɪˈmiːdiətli] adv.立即;马上;即刻;紧接
buggy [ˈbʌɡi] n. 婴儿车;童车
scruffy [ˈskrʌfi] adj. 不整洁的;邋遢的;破旧的

interview [ˈɪntərvjuː]

clear [klɪr] adj.清楚的;明确的;明显的;清晰易懂的;头脑清醒的
no longer 不再
shut [ʃʌt] v. 关闭;关上;关门;合上
cot [kɒt] n. 童床
mattress [ˈmætrəs] n. 床垫;垫子
stain [steɪn] n. 污点;污渍

list [lɪst]

puzzle [ˈpʌzl] v. 迷惑;使困惑

puzzled [ˈpʌzld]

tiny ['taɪni] adj.极小的;微小的;微量的
rattle [ˈrætl] n.拨浪鼓
cosy [ˈkəʊzi] adj.温暖舒适的;安逸的
repeat [rɪˈpiːt] v.重复;复述;重做;重说
beg [beɡ] v. 乞讨;恳求;祈求
truth [truːθ] n. 真相;实情;事实
chart [tʃɑːrt] n. 图表;海图;表格
plus [plʌs] 加
minus ['maɪnəs] 减;减去;零下
diaper [ˈdaɪpər] n. 尿布;(婴儿的)尿片
hang [hæŋ] v.悬挂;吊;垂下;垂落
hung [hʌŋ] v.hang的过去分词和过去式
hang on 坚持;等一会儿;稍等
above [əˈbʌv] 在(或向)…上面
above all 首先;尤其是
keep in touch 保持联系
below [bɪˈləʊ] 在…下面;在…下方;在…之下
swing [swɪŋ] n. 秋千; v.(使)摆动,摇摆,摇荡
swung [swʌŋ] swing的过去分词和过去式
canoe [kəˈnuː] n. 划艇;独木舟;小划子
harness [ˈhɑːrnɪs] n. 马具;挽具;(用于人,起固定或保护作用的)背带,保护带

fear [fɪr]

nest [nest] n.窝;鸟巢;巢穴;鸟窝
escalator [ˈeskəleɪtər] n. 自动扶梯,手扶电梯
lift [lɪft] n.电梯;升降机
elevator [ˈelɪveɪtər] n.电梯;升降机
escalate [ˈeskəleɪt] v. 逐步升级;不断恶化,加剧

notice [ˈnəʊtɪs]

engross [ɪnˈɡroʊs] v. 使全神贯注
engrossed [ɪnˈɡroʊst] adj. 全神贯注的;聚精会神的;专心致志的

march [mɑːrtʃ]

capital [ˈkæpɪtl] n.首都
coast [kəʊst] n.海岸;海滨
peace [piːs] n.和平;平静;宁静
peaceful [ˈpiːsfl] adj.和平的;宁静的;平静的
peacefully [ˈpiːsfəli] adv.和平地;平静地;安静地
lawn [lɔːn] n. 草坪;草地
mow [məʊ] v. 修剪;割
allow [əˈlaʊ] v. 允许;准许
hire [ˈhaɪr] v.雇用;聘用;租用
local [ˈləʊkl] adj. 地方的;当地的;本地的
reset [ˌriːˈset] v. 重新设置;调整;重新安置;将…恢复原位

guide [ɡaɪd]

return [rɪˈtɜːrn]

juicy [ˈdʒuːsi] adj.多汁的;汁液丰富的
juicy peach 水蜜桃
fork [fɔːrk] n.叉;岔路;餐叉
spoon [spuːn] n.勺;匙;调羹
swoop [swuːp] n. 俯冲;突然袭击

strap [stræp]

wild [waɪld] adj. 自然生长的;野的;野生的;天然的
wild animals
wild flowers

few [fjuː] adj. 几个;很少;很少的;少数的;不多的
a few 几个;一些;有些;少量
fist [fɪst] n.拳;拳头
falcon [ˈfɔːlkən] n.猎鹰;隼

grip [ɡrɪp]

hood [hʊd] n.罩;风帽;引擎盖
punch [pʌntʃ] v.拳打;以拳痛击

escape [ɪˈskeɪp]

punish [ˈpʌnɪʃ] v.惩罚;处罚
punishment [ˈpʌnɪʃmənt] n.处罚;惩罚
used to 过去;以前;曾经;习惯于

tight [taɪt]

tightly [ˈtaɪtli] adv.紧紧地;牢固地;紧密地

murder [ˈmɜːrdər]

murderer [ˈmɜːrdərər] n.杀人犯;杀人凶手

arrest [əˈrest]

under arrest 被捕;逮捕;被捕了;被逮捕

total [ˈtoʊtl] adj.总的;总计的;全体的;全部的
totally [ˈtoʊtəli] adv.完全地;完全;全部地;整个地

male [meɪl]

female [ˈfiːmeɪl]

employ [ɪmˈplɔɪ] v.雇用
employer [ɪmˈplɔɪər] n. 雇主;雇用者;老板
employee [ɪmˈplɔɪiː] n. 雇员;受雇者;雇工;员工

part [pɑːrt]

partner [ˈpɑːrtnər] n.合伙人;搭档;同伴
Internet [ˈɪntərnet] n. (国际)互联网;因特网

shadow [ˈʃædoʊ]

usual [ˈjuːʒuəl] adj.通常的;平常的;寻常的;惯常的
as usual 像平常一样;和往常一样
usually [ˈjuːʒuəli] adv. 通常;一般;常常
catch up with v. 赶上;追上

fit [fɪt]

energy [ˈenərdʒi] n.能源;能量;精力;活力
energetic [ˌenərˈdʒetɪk] adj.精力充沛的;充满活力的
coach [kəʊtʃ] n.教练;私人教师;长途汽车;长途客车
and so on 等等;诸如此类

sponsor [ˈspɑːnsər]

cheer [tʃɪr]

cheer up 振作起来;高兴起来
cheer on 为…加油;为…喝彩;为某人打气
cheers [tʃɪrz] (用于祝酒)干杯;再见;谢谢
suggest [səˈdʒest] v.建议;提议;表明;推荐;暗示
dictionary [ˈdɪkʃəneri] n. 词典;字典
useful [ˈjuːsfl] adj.有用的;有益的;实用的;有帮助的
helpful [ˈhelpfl] adj. 有用的;有益的;有帮助的
at present 目前;现在;眼下;当今
permit [pərˈmɪt] v.允许;准许
permission [pərˈmɪʃn] n.许可;批准;准许;许可证
advice [ədˈvaɪs] n. 建议;意见;忠告;劝告
advise [ədˈvaɪz] v.建议;通知;劝告;忠告
teenage [ˈtiːneɪdʒ] adj. 十来岁的;青少年的
teenager [ˈtiːneɪdʒər] n. 青少年
model [ˈmɒdl] n. 模型;模特儿

contact [ˈkɒntækt]

basic [ˈbeɪsɪk] adj.基本的;基础的;最简单的;初级的
accept [əkˈsept] v. 承认;接纳;同意;认可
apology [əˈpɒlədʒi] n. 道歉;歉意;致歉
apologies [əˈpɑlədʒiz] apology的复数
owe [əʊ] v. 欠(情);欠(账);欠(债)
flick [flɪk] v. 轻弹;轻拂
ribbon [ˈrɪbən] n. 带子;丝带;带状物
heel [hiːl] n. 脚后跟;足跟;(鞋、靴子等的)后跟;女高跟鞋
fashion [ˈfæʃn] n.时尚
fashionable [ˈfæʃnəbl] adj.流行的;时髦的
style [staɪl] n.样式;风格;方式
spit [spɪt] v. 吐,唾(唾沫、食物等)
spat [spæt] spit的过去分词和过去式
blob [blɒb] n. (尤指液体的)一点,一滴
gush [ɡʌʃ] v.涌出;大量涌出
however [haʊˈevər] adv.然而;不过;无论如何;不管怎样
whatever [wətˈevər] 无论什么;不管什么;任何
whoever [huːˈevər] 无论是谁;无论谁;不管什么人
whenever [wenˈevər] 每当;每次;无论何时
wherever [werˈevər] 无论哪里;在任何地方
sneaker [ˈsniːkər] n. 运动鞋
soak [səʊk] v.浸泡;浸湿;浸透;湿透
spooky [ˈspuːki] adj.怪异吓人的;阴森可怖的
apron [ˈeɪprən] 围裙

while [waɪl]

make a fuss [meɪk ə fʌs] 大吵大闹;大发牢骚;大惊小怪
extend [ɪkˈstend] v.扩展;延长;扩大;伸展,舒展,展开(尤指手臂或腿)
area [ˈeriə] n. 地区;地域;场地;部位;领域
tuck in 尽情地吃;大口地吃
host [hoʊst] n. 主人;东道主;主持人
gross [ɡroʊs] adj. 令人不快的;令人恶心的;使人厌恶的
mustard [ˈmʌstərd] n. 芥末
bowl [boʊl] n. 碗;钵;盆
discuss [dɪˈskʌs] v. 讨论;谈论;商量
ignore [ɪɡˈnɔːr] v. 忽视;对…不予理会;佯装未见;不予理睬
cigarette [ˈsɪɡəret] n. 香烟
safari [səˈfɑːri] n. 狩猎旅行
safari park 野生动物园
antelope [ˈæntɪləʊp] n. 羚羊
camouflage [ˈkæməflɑːʒ] v.伪装;掩饰
camouflage color 伪装色;迷彩色
camouflage clothes 迷彩服

sniff [snɪf]

savanna [səˈvænə] n. 热带大草原;稀树草原
grassland [ˈɡrɑːslænd] n. 草原;草地;草场
herd [hɜːrd] n.牧群;兽群;人群
a herd of 一群(牛、鹿等)
creep [kriːp] v. 爬行;悄悄地缓慢行进;蹑手蹑脚地移动
crept [krept] creep的过去分词和过去式
horn [hɔːrn] 喇叭;角质;(羊、牛等动物的)角;(乐器)号;(车辆的)喇叭
ranger [ˈreɪndʒər] n. 护林员;园林管理员;护林人
beauty [ˈbjuːti] n.美女;美人;美丽
describe [dɪˈskraɪb] v. 描述;形容
version [ˈvɜːrʒn] n. 版本
thorn [θɔːrn] n. 刺;荆棘
stem [stem] n.(花草的)茎;柄
tongue [tʌŋ] n. 舌头
stick out 伸出
rude [ruːd] adj. 粗鲁的;无礼的
ripe [raɪp] adj.成熟的;时机成熟的
sour [ˈsaʊər] adj. 酸的;有酸味的
free [friː] adj. 自由的;免费的;随心所欲的;不受限制的
prepare [prɪˈper] v. 准备;把…预备好;使(自己)有准备;
whether [ˈweðər] conj.(表示迟疑或两个可能性之间的选择)是否
tear[ter] 撕裂;撕碎;扯破;戳破;
tore [tɔːr] tear的过去式
dust [dʌst] n. 粉尘;尘埃;尘土
dusty ['dʌsti] adj. 布满灰尘的;灰尘覆盖的
cobweb [ˈkɒbweb] n.蜘蛛网
spider web 蜘蛛网
spider's web 蜘蛛网
fast asleep 沉睡的;熟睡的;酣睡的
blonde [blɒnd] adj.金黄色的;头发金黄的

guard [ɡɑːrd]

rosy cheeks 红润的脸颊;红润的面颊;红润的双颊;红扑扑的脸蛋
stomach [ˈstʌmək] n. 胃;腹部

purse [pɜːrs]

exercise ['eksəsaiz]

fairy [ˈferi] n. n.仙女;(故事中的)小仙人,仙子
tale [teɪl] n.(尤指充满惊险的)故事;历险记
fairy tale n. 童话故事;神话故事
thumb [θʌm] n. 拇指;大拇指
yuck [jʌk] (表示憎厌)讨厌,可恶
yucky [ˈjʌki] adj. 讨厌的;令人生厌的;令人厌恶的

disgust [dis'gʌst]
n.厌恶, 憎恶, 反感
vt.使厌恶, 使作呕, 使反感

disguated [dɪsˈɡʌstɪd]
v.disgust 的过去式和过去分词

disgusting [dɪs'ɡʌstɪŋ]
v.disgust 的现在分词

forefinger [ˈfɔːrfɪŋɡər] n. 食指
bulb [bʌlb] n. 电灯泡
hobby [ˈhɒbi] n. 业余爱好;兴趣爱好
include [ɪnˈkluːd] v. 包括;包含

tax [tæks]

unless [ənˈles] conj. 除非;若非;除非在…情况下;如果不
simple [ˈsɪmpl] adj. 易于理解的;易做的;简单的
daisy [ˈdeɪzi] n. 雏菊花
bug [bʌg] n. (机器,尤指计算机的)故障,程序错误,缺陷 ;虫子;小昆虫
sandpit [ˈsændpɪt] n.(供儿童玩的)沙坑
sandpile ['sændpail] n.(供儿童玩的)沙堆
bumblebee [ˈbʌmblbiː] n. 熊蜂;大黄蜂
earthworm [ˈɜːrθwɜːrm] n. 蚯蚓
hairy [ˈheri] adj. 多毛的;惊险的;可怕(但刺激)的

pretty [ˈprɪti]

rest [rest]

sting [stɪŋ]

stung [stʌŋ] sting的过去分词和过去式

harm [hɑːrm]

scorpion [ˈskɔːrpiən] n. 蝎子
crop [krɒp] n.庄稼;作物
desert [ˈdezərt] n. 沙漠;荒漠;荒原
survive [sərˈvaɪv] v. 生存;存活;幸存;活下来;幸免于难
survival [sə'vaivəl] n. 幸存, 幸存者, 生存, 残存物

flood [flʌd]

doubt [daʊt]

succeed [səkˈsiːd] v.成功;达到目的;实现目标;办到;做成
reason [ˈriːzn] n.原因;理由;道理
crawl [krɔːl] v. 爬;爬行;匍匐行进

lick [lɪk]

puddle [ˈpʌdl] n. 水坑;水洼

relieve [rɪˈliːv] v. 减轻;缓解;缓和

relieved [rɪˈliːvd]

slug [slʌɡ] n. 鼻涕虫; 蛞蝓
snail [sneɪl] n. 蜗牛
shell [ʃel] n. 壳; 外壳

press [pres] v. 按;压
pressure [ˈpreʃər] n. 压力; 挤压

scream [skriːm]

silence [ˈsaɪləns]

speech [spiːtʃ] n. 演讲;讲话;演说;发言
bored [bɔrd] adj. 烦闷的;厌烦的;无聊的;厌倦的;无趣的
boring [ˈbɔːrɪŋ] adj.没趣的;令人厌倦(或厌烦)的;无聊的;乏味的

loud [laʊd]

loudly ['laudli] adv.大声地;高声地;嘹亮地
enter [ˈentər] v. 进入;进去;加入;进来
entrance ['entrəns] n.入口;进入;

practise [ˈpræktɪs] v.练习;训练

practice [ˈpræktɪs]

improve [ɪmˈpruːv] v. 改进;改善

chemical [ˈkemɪkl]

chemistry [ˈkemɪstri] n. 化学
term [tɜːrm] n. 学期
experiment [ɪkˈsperɪmənt] n. 实验;试验;尝试;实践

poison [ˈpɔɪzn]

pack [pæk] v. 包装;打包;收拾(行李);装(箱)
packer [ˈpækər] n.包装机;包装工

programme [ˈproʊɡræm] n. 节目;程序;方案
cartoon [kɑːrˈtuːn] n. 卡通;动画片
tower [ˈtaʊər] n. 塔;建筑物的塔形部分
wealth [welθ] n.财富;财产

wealthy [ˈwelθi]

million [ˈmɪljən] num. 一百万;大量
billion [ˈbɪljən] num. 十亿
square [skwer] n. 平方;正方形;四方形;正方形物;广场
treat [triːt] v. 对待;处理
curious [ˈkjʊriəs] adj.好奇的;奇异的;古怪的
curiously [ˈkjʊriəsli] adv.好奇地;奇妙地
enemy [ˈenəmi] n. 敌人;敌军;敌国;仇人
perhaps [pərˈhæps] adv. 也许;可能;大概
bottom [ˈbɒtəm] n. 底部;最下部
penguin [ˈpeŋɡwɪn] n. 企鹅
group [ɡruːp] n.组;群;批;类
weak [wiːk] adj.虚弱的;无力的; 懦弱的; 软弱无力的

alike [əˈlaɪk]

toward [tə'wɔ:d] prep. 对;向;朝;朝向
towards [təˈwɔːdz] prep. 对;向;朝;朝向
imagine [ɪˈmædʒɪn] v. 想;设想;想像

bandage [ˈbændɪdʒ]

possible [ˈpɒsəbl] adj.可能的, 尽可能的, 合理的
impossible [ɪmˈpɒsəbl] adj. 不可能的, 做不到的
museum [mjuˈziːəm] n.博物馆
carsick [ˈkɑːsɪk] adj.晕车

cause [kɔːz]

tip [tɪp] v.翻倒,倾斜
tip over 打翻;翻倒

plastic [ˈplæstɪk]

yet [jet] adv.还;已经;现在;迄今为止;用于否定句和疑问句
pleasure [ˈpleʒər] n. 快乐;高兴;愉快;乐事
indoor [ˈɪndɔːr] adj.(在)室内的;在户内进行的;在室内用的
outdoor [ˈaʊtdɔːr] adj.户外的;野外的;露天的
bump [bʌmp] v.碰;撞
bump into 偶然碰到;遇见;(意外)撞到
bumper [ˈbʌmpər] n.(汽车头尾的)保险杠
prefer [prɪˈfɜːr] v. 较喜欢;更喜欢;宁愿;宁可
prefer doing sth to doing sth 喜欢(做)…胜过(做)…/比起(做)…,更喜欢(做)…
dragonfly [ˈdræɡənflaɪ] n. 蜻蜓
mushroom [ˈmʌʃrʊm] n. 蘑菇
poisonous [ˈpɔɪzənəs] adj.引起中毒的;有毒的;分泌毒素的;能毒伤人的
insect [ˈɪnsekt] n. 昆虫;虫子
natural [ˈnætʃrəl] adj.自然的;天然的;天生的;本能的
nature [ˈneɪtʃər] n.自然;本质;大自然;本性;自然界

provide [prəˈvaɪd] v.提供;供应;给予
provide sb with sth
provide sth for sb

inform [ɪnˈfɔːrm] v.通知;通告;知会
inform sb of/about sth
information [ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃn] n.信息;消息;资料;情报;资讯
contain [kənˈteɪn] vt. 包含;含有;容纳
container [kənˈteɪnər] n. 容器;集装箱;货柜
be able to v. 能够;会
be unable to v.不能够;不会
alcohol [ˈælkəhɔːl] n. 含酒精饮料;酒;酒精;乙醇
avoid [əˈvɔɪd] v. 避免;避开;防止;回避
celebrate [ˈselɪbreɪt] v. 庆祝;庆贺

quake [kweɪk]
v.震动, 颤抖
n.震动, 地震

earthquake [ˈɜːrθkweɪk] n. 地震

warn [wɔːrn] v. 警告;告诫;提醒注意(可能发生的事);使警惕

warning [ˈwɔːrnɪŋ]

farther [ˈfɑːrðər]
further [ˈfɜːrðər]

farthest [ˈfɑːrðɪst]
furthest [ˈfɜːrðɪst]

correct [kəˈrekt]

incorrect [ˌɪnkəˈrekt] adj. 不准确的;不正确的